milk powder can filling machine

The machine can finish the process of feed, dose, fill, and failed packs detect & delete automatically. The machine is suitable for packaging powdery & grainy product, for instance, milk powder, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, icing sugar, dextrose, feed, coffee, solid medicament, powdery & grainy additive, dye, etc.

The machne is a new designed that we make it According to the old turnplate feeding one one side . This Auger filling within double lines has main and assist fillers . The orginanated feeding system can keep the high Proecision and Avoid the cleaning of the turntable. it can do the accurate weighting and filling work, and also could conbined with other machines to buildup a whole can -packing production line. This machine ould be used in filling mold powder ,albumne powder, condiment,dextrose,rice flour,cocoa powder,solid drink and so on.