Milk powder production line

Milk powder production line requires the drying of liquid milk into a powder in which aromas, flavours and colouring as well as many important components such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals etc. are retained. Additional challenges is a uniform moisture content, particle structure and particle size distribution, solubility, dispersability and wettability.

1. Automatically material conveying, weighing, canning, labeling to elimilate the unnecessary labor cost and promote production efficiency at the same time.
2. Advanced Tech: Human-Computer Interaction Touch Screen, PLC Controller, Photoelectricity Senser, High Accuracy Servo Motor etc.
3. Auxiliary device: like nitrogen gas generator or liquid nitrogen storage tank and other device could be assemble together depend on your request.
4. Application: it is suitable for paper/plastic/metal cans packing and widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, commodity industries etc.