Automatic Nitrogen Flushing Milk Powder Vacuum Can Seaming Machine Vacuum Can Seamer China Manufacture

Descriptive abstract
Applicable scope is milk powder, health products(albumen powder, nutrition powder),solid drinks, condiments, snack food etc.


Brief Introduction
This product is used to seam all kinds of round cans like tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic cans and paper cans. With reliable quality and easy operation, it is ideal equipment necessary for such industries as food, beverage, pharmacy and chemical engineering. The machine can be used alone or together with other filling production lines

Technical Specification
Main features
Seal tightly, effectively protect product quality.
The air pressure and nitrogen level inside the cans can be adjusted as per customers request which can greatly prevent cans distortion caused by thermal expansion and contraction.
The gas inside can is effectively replaced, prolonging shelf life.
There is a filter before vacuum pump, with compressed air blow back device, the dust taken away from the filter will be collected through a separated channel.
PLC & touch screen make it be easy of operation.
Conveyor belt for feeding and evacuation of cans.
Surface fully stainless steel structure.
Famous brand vacuum pump.
The shape of can is rounder.
The material of can body are tin plate and composite paper.

Main Technical Data

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