Ton Bag Packing Machine

Alias: powder ton packing machine, particle ton packing machine, positive material ton packing machine, negative ton packing machine, etc. . The device can automatically complete the measurement, bag clamping, filling and other work. Designed in accordance with National GMP standards, it is suitable for packing powder granular materials which are easy to flow or have very poor fluidity, such as: Milk powder, feed, rice powder, coffee, monosodium glutamate, solid drinks, glucose, solid medicine, pesticides, powder additives, dyes.

Technical highlights:
It is a kind of gross weighing method to measure the material directly into the package bag without intermediate measurement, which is more accurate and the size of the whole machine is further reduced.Specially designed negative pressure dust removal, dust can be recycled, packaging process basic dust. Adopt Swiss imported metering module, weighing error from 3 to 5/1000/1000 adopt degassing screw feeding method, feeding is even, the material coming down does not contain gas rubber plastic clamp bag mouth, sealing is good, dust will not leak, the material does not add the bridge, enters the bag material to be even. Because of its simple structure of material passage, it is very suitable for cleaning or changing materials.